We apply to jobs fit for you on your behalf. If we get you at least 4 interviews in a month then you will be charged $30 as agreed. Else, you won’t be charged

You are charged at the end of the month and only if we sent you at least 4 interviews! 

Then let us know and we might drop the interview from your guaranteed 4 interviews this month. 

Yes we do! If you require sponsorship, please let us know and we will do our best to apply to companies that will match your requirement. We have gotten many interviews for international workers in the United States.

We share your name and your resume. For your privacy and our convenience your email and phone number is not shared with the companies we send your resume to.

No, we have no connection with any of the companies we send your resume too. There is no need to mention us to the recruiters who want to interview you , or to cc us when you reply to the recruiters.

We will always forward to you the first email from the recruiter. This is because we don’t share your email directly with the recruiters when we send your application.  We recommend every client to send a note to recruiters telling them that they should contact you to your personal email and phone number. 

Currently we focus only on a few job titles and locations so we can build a better product for you. As we grow, we will open this to more professions and locations.  

A team at Jobgenic is focused on applying to the jobs for you. They use a combination of recommendation tools and form completion tools to improve their process. 

Companies have to pay job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed to get their job posts visible. As we are not paid by companies but by job seekers like you, our number one priority is to serve you the best we can. The job posts we find by scraping the internet are from many companies: some that choose to pay for job board visibility, and some that don’t do that. Thanks to us, you will reach companies you never thought of but that will very likely be a great match! Opening your search reach is an incredible way to find new opportunities.