Like Google, we use the power of scraping to find the newest job postings that companies advertised online on their website or on a job board. Then we select the job postings that best match your profile thanks to our machine learning algorithm. After we selected job posts for you, we use other machine learning algorithms to fill in the application forms for you. 

  • Increases your chances of getting an offer sooner than later.
    • Our consistent and targeted application system will get your profile in front of hundreds of employers in weeks.
    • If you are unemployed and you should be paid $40/hour and got a job only one day earlier, you will have saved $320 pre-tax. One week earlier, $1600. One month earlier, $6,400. We have helped job seekers find jobs much faster than the national average of four to six months.
    • If you are on a visa that will require sponsorship and need to get a job asap, with Jobgenic, you will get your resume in front of hundreds of employers in weeks and increase your chances of staying in the country drastically. 
  • Increases your job-seeking skills and stop wasting time looking for companies in clutttered job boards and filling up repetitve application forms.
    • Practice your interviewing skills with your added free time so you can shine at every interview.
    • Practice your interviewing skills in real life so when you get that big interview, you’re ready to shine. 
    • Use your free time to network.
    • Practice those technical skills you have in your resume.
    • Build projects to showcase your skills.

Our product is focused at Job Seekers and therefor, to keep our incentive on providing the best product for Job Seekers, we believe that our revenue stream should come from our end users, the Job Seekers. Having seen this product help the lives of many job seekers, we are proud to provide a truly great product without compromise. 

We apply to all types of companies as long as the position is in the US. We had employees receive interviews from massive corporations like ADP, Atlasssian, CVS to growing start ups like Ancestry, Twilio, Zwift. For the moment we do not apply to Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. We are currently growing our application possibilities and now focus on companies that use particular Applicant Tracking Systems (Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, Jobvite)

It’s better to be picky when you actually have interviews! No need to do the interview. For added courtesy, you can respond to the recruiter telling them you are not interested in the role anymore.

Yes we do! If you are allowed to work in the US but will require sponsorship, please let us know and we will do our best to apply to companies that will match your requirement. We have gotten many interviews and offers for non-citizens in the United States. 

For the moment we have seen that an email focused product provides more satisfaction to our users. You receive two types of emails. First, emails from the companies your profile was sent to, saying that they have received your application, would like to schedule an interview, etc. Second, daily emails from Jobgenic Support giving you a recap of the jobs you have applied to. 

When you found a job, we will stop your monthly subscription payment requests and we will stop applying to new opportunities for you. Please let us know when you would like to cancel your subscription by messaging your account manager on Linkedin or emailing us through our contact page https://www.jobgenic.com/contact-us/ with the subject line “Subscription cancellation request” and a few words on why you are cancelling your subscription. 

You may receive interview requests from companies you have applied to in the past. Feel free to let them know you would like to withdraw your application. 

We share your name and your resume. 

No, we have no connection with any of the companies we send your resume too. There is no need to mention us to the recruiters who want to interview you , or to cc us when you reply to the recruiters.

Currently we focus only on a few job titles and locations so we can build a better product for you. As we grow, we will open this to more professions and locations.  

Companies have to pay job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed to get their job posts visible. As we are not paid by companies but by job seekers like you, our number one priority is to serve you the best we can. The job posts we find by scraping the internet are from many companies: some that choose to pay for job board visibility, and some that don’t do that. Thanks to us, you will reach companies you never thought of but that will very likely be a great match! Opening your search reach is an incredible way to find new opportunities.