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Want to quit your job but don’t have time to look for a new one? Put your job search on autopilot and land interviews at top companies without spending hours applying to jobs.

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We want to make your job seeking process as pain-free as possible. With Jobgenic you don’t need to fill in your info on every careers’ website. In a few minutes, complete our form and let us handle it. Our recruiters will find and apply for you to jobs you will love.

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After you fill in our form, our recruiters find and apply on your behalf to jobs you will love. You just have to sit back and wait for that email letting you know you got an awesome interview! For $30 a month we guarantee 4 interviews. If we don’t deliver, the month is free.

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While you are going on with your usual day, we are working hard applying to awesome companies for you. You will be thrilled to see all the awesome interviews coming your way! Our clients have interviewed at companies like Twilio, Malwarebytes, and Mapbox.

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Interview at top companies without doing anything
$ 30
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